Concrete Stain FAQ

Artist Grade Concrete Stain
Why use concrete acid stain?
  • Acid stain promises to give beautiful results while being very simple to use. The cost savings as compared to other flooring products is substantial, and the extremely low maintenance of concrete acid stain is being enjoyed by all who have it along with the allergy friendliness. It tends to marbleize the concrete when used on smooth concrete and gives it more of a stone appearance when used on rougher concrete. The mottling and multicolor hues seen in acid stained concrete tends to form naturally as the stain reacts with the randomly dispersed minerals and cements in the concrete's surface.

Why use Concrete Camouflage stains?
What is the difference between the "Artist Grade" stain and the Fiesta-stain "Standard Grade" stain?

Concrete Camouflage has so many Color Choices. Are Dyes used to help achieve the Larger Color Palette that is Available with the Concrete Camouflage brand of Concrete Stains?

Then how is is that Concrete Camouflage can offer more than Double the color choices of the other manufacturers?

Will the concrete acid stain peel or fade like concrete paint?

I've seen an acrylic concrete stain at my local home improvement store. Is this the same as yours? If not, how do they differ?

I've seen a concrete acid stain at my local home improvement store. How does it compare to yours?

Why isn't Concrete Camouflage in the large stores?

Are Concrete Camouflage stains "green"?

Can I do this myself, or do I need to hire a contractor?

Is it difficult to stain concrete?

Can 2 colors of stain be used to create more of a marbled effect?
  • Yes. Though the stain tends to marbleize naturally on it's own without using a second color.

Can you acid stain very old concrete?

Where do I get Application Instructions?

What if my concrete has been painted, sealed, covered with an acrylic stain, or some other glue down product?

Can I use the stain on a cinder block or concrete retaining wall?

Can I use the acid stain on my Concrete Counter tops?

  • Sure thing. Our stains grace concrete countertops all across the U.S. and beyond.

Can I use the stain on the sides of my house slab so it will blend with the stone and brick?

Why do I have to wash off the residue before sealing?

Is it expensive to do?

How well does the stain hold up to tires from cars?

Will acid stain kill my vegetation and grass when using outdoors?
  • It may brown out and die back along the edges and/or wherever you get the stain. However, most grasses and greenery will come back.

Can you re-stain a floor to change the color?
  • The color is permanent. You can stain it a darker color, or you can sand it and then re stain it.

Does Concrete Camouflage offer Contracting Services?
  • No. We do not offer contracting. Although we do have many Contractors who use our materials and who would be happy to do your work.

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