Product Safety Overview

Safety is All Important. Know Your Products, the Process and Maintain a Safe Project Environment.

Product Safety Overview

Be sure to read all product labels, including all warnings, cautions, and instructions on all products and/or their labels before handling, storing, opening, and/or using. Keep all products closed when not actively being used. Keep all products out of the reach of children and pets.
Use all products with a professional and unhurried attitude, following instructions while using common sense. Afford yourself the enjoyment and accomplishment of a beautiful project done well and safely.

Though the products aren't really that bad when handled with a professional and patient attitude, by someone whom has done their research and properly prepared, many of the products are classified as hazardous and as with any such products, certain cautions should be followed.

See Product Safety Data Sheets For Each Product
Including Specific Precautions, Basic First Aid and Emergency Phone Numbers.

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