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Concrete Acid Stain - Artist Grade
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Concrete Acid Stain - Artist Grade
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Artist Grade Concrete Stain - (Choose Bottle Size) - $14.95 to $93.95 (Sale Price)

How to Use Preparation and Application:

Ensure adequate ventilation. Shake well before use. Ensure your concrete is free of paints, glues, curing agents, oils, grease or other contaminants, and has cured to a uniform light color.

Final clean with detergent or T.S.P., rinse well and let dry. (A small out of the way place must be tested first, for color and to see if a proper reaction occurs. Further scrubbing, de-greasing, stripping, and / or sanding may be necessary.)

Apply stain using an all plastic garden type sprayer, or soft brush. Spray evenly onto surface, ensuring plenty of saturation, but not so much as to cause puddling. A soft brush can be used in a circular motion to apply and/ or even out.

Allow to completely dry and sit for 4 - 24 hours (longer = darker). A powder residue will generally form. Neutralize with 1/2 to 1 cup ammonia to 1 gallon water and then rinse with clean water a couple of times.

Attention: Disregard the color of the stain in the bottle and during the residue stage.

After washing the residue, while it is damp with water is what it will look like if sealed.

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